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Finding Where you belong

We all grow up a bit out of place. Where do you belong? Where’s “home”?

Could you answer any of these questions with one word? I am sure that I cannot. This question of belonging has been increasingly reappearing in my mind in recent weeks as I have been contemplating where I will be this fall and the uncertainty and anxiousness it brings to me. How does one know where they belong? Where should one move to the next? With many of us graduating or transitioning into a new post lockdown and hopefully soon COVID-free life, where will you go next?

This is one tricky question, and there is no definite answer. After moving around the world multiple times in my life I was forced to realize your life is a journey and not a definite destination. How boring would it be to know precisely where you will continue to stay, live, and work for the rest of your life? While some may find comfort in that, and I completely understand and respect that life, for many of us our true being only begins outside of our comfort zone. Officially moving to Europe, almost 2 years ago now, by myself, was the most shocking change of life for me, for now, I was on my own starting from ground zero in a completely new city knowing no one. I moved from my small, secure, comfortable college environment, group of established friends, and family nearby, to this brand new city. I was disoriented and a bit afraid at first but almost instantly I discovered a new being and way of living by living and experiencing life in that city. The move made me realize where I might truly belong, what kind of person I am, and what I want to do the rest of my life. Never would I ever have rediscovered my passion for writing, creating, and media staying in the comfortable space I was previously in. Here are some thoughts from The Thought Catalogue’s post that resonated with me and hopefully will with you too:

“The truth about the place where you belong is that it doesn’t exist because you haven’t created it yet. Our mere existence does not necessitate our belonging. But our actions do. We are born with everything that we need to make a lasting imprint on this world – to carve out a place, however humble, that aches for us whenever we leave it. A place that fits us. A place that grows us. A place where, come hell or high water, we belong.”

Now more than ever, I have realized this thought above. The truth about where you belong is that it does not exist, but it is somewhere in the future. That place needs you to bring it into existence and you need it to do the same for you. It needs to make you feel alive, and It requires you to come alive, to fully experience the lifestyle and life to be lived there. To create and blend yourself into it. Most importantly it needs you to leave your lasting impression but first needs you to belong to it. Then eventually, you will find that you’ve created your own home at last.

Just finding one place to get started and establish your roots is never a simple check on your to-do list. I have realized I am a jet setter, forever in love with travel and never settling down, but I still am a very California girl in certain respects. So what now? Where to next? Where’s “home"? These are all questions constantly busying my mind, and we might all be experiencing them as college kids especially are nearing the end of school. I have discovered questions that might help you ponder your future direction and where you might want to live next. Wherever you might be in the world, whatever phase of life you’re in, you can decide where is home by creating yourself with and from it.

Here are the questions to ask yourself:

1. Name 5 places you might see yourself starting your career.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

3. Where do you see yourself living the next 5 years of your life?

4. What is of importance to your quality of life?

5. Do you want to travel?

6. What makes you feel connected and loved?

7. Where would be the best place to be to further your career?

8. Which place would force you to grow the most?

9. Where would you like to settle down in the far future?

10. What career do you see yourself pursuing and why?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please don't forget to create an account to subscribe to future posts! Leave a comment below if this question of "home" resonated with you. Thank you for visiting and I will see you in my next post!



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