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How to Stay Positive

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”- Anais Nin

Have you ever been in a bad mood? If you’re human, then yes you have been. Whether you are in a jam-packed airport security line, missed your bus ride, or are simply just feeling homesick, it can be hard to put things into perspective when you’re in the moment. This not only applies to travel trials but everyday life. Any day, any act, everyone has the power to put a positive vibration out into the world. A simple tactic to end a spiraling negative mood is to ask yourself “how do I want to feel?”. A mindful moment that simple can change a person’s life at any given moment, let alone a trip experience. Seek the sunshine in any situation, and when you make the intention and visualize the ideal outcome, the universe will manifest your desires. By creating the intention of a positive mood you can then move to initiate the action steps. Below I have included three tactics for keeping your vibration up and radiating positivity out into the world!

Mindfulness and Positivity

“How do I want to feel?” Just by asking yourself this, you’re analyzing your thought patterns and in turn practicing mindful awareness. Throughout the past years of my life with loss, rejection, recovery, and all that follows it was difficult to have a positive outlook on the heinous life unraveling before me. But as soon as I began to make the intention to be happy by choosing my thoughts, my life completely changed. By focusing on the good and being grateful for all I had, I felt as if I had it all, and I was only attracting more good change into my life. All the anxiety, sadness, and frustration that was building inside of me was released into the air like prisms reflecting as sunlight and showering light into others' lives.

So how can we change our thoughts? How can we start to think and be more positive every day of our lives? Let me tell you it can be difficult and requires a constant effort, but once you get into the groove of thinking those positive brain waves then it will only become stronger. Think of thinking positively like a muscle, take your brain to the gym, and work that muscle out! By reminding yourself to be optimistic daily you can reassure yourself to live in the present moment, express gratitude, and have an optimistic mindset on yourself, the world, and other people around you. Reminders can be as simple as affirmations or whenever you notice you're thinking a negative thought stop it and say No! Don’t sabotage yourself by focusing on your lack, reach your fullest potential by focusing on your best attributes. To overcome any negative self-talk, all it takes is just a little bit of mindfulness. Be aware of which situations trigger the mind into the negative talk. Once you become mindful of what that is, everything starts to improve. The most noticeable change is the amount of energy you’ll have. Put this to the test during your next trip and you’ll be amazed by the results!

Law of attraction

I am a firm believer and supporter of the centuries-old ‘Law of Attraction’. ‘The Law of Attraction’ is one way I can describe how I manifested good into my life and is one secret that I want everyone to keep. This universal Law is applicable to anything. It simply entails: whatever you think about most you attract and whatever you believe will manifest becomes your reality. After reading and researching many books and watching the movie “The Secret '' I have learned a substantial amount about how our thoughts create our reality. For example, say you're a negative person, with no self-belief or worth and you're continually doubting yourself. This will reflect in what you attract into your life. You won’t get that job you wanted or will get another ticket. By focusing on the bad and disbelief you only bring more of it into your world. The Universe will respond to the vibration that you release into the world and undoubtedly manifest your dreams!


Daily reminders such as affirmations can keep any bad mood at bay. By setting a daily reminder that pops up or keeping them in your iPhone notes. I am also a huge fan of podcasts like Optimal Living Daily, Everyday Positivity, and Yoga Girl Daily. Podcasts like these provide tips and tricks to living your best life on the go! Here are some of my favorite affirmations to recite in your day for brain waves of positivity and self-empowerment. Check them out below:

“Everything is working out the best-case scenario.”

“Everywhere I go I prosper.”

“I radiate joy and positivity.”

“I’m brave and willing to take risks.”

“Whatever I visualize and believe, I shall receive.”

“I am kind to myself and to those around me.”

“I am in control of my words, actions, thoughts, moods, and time.”

“I am the creator of my own reality.”

“I am strong and capable.”

“Wherever I go I create meaningful, lasting connections.”

“I know my self-worth and I will not lower my standards.”

“I am beautiful, strong, and confident.”

“Anger and frustration do not have control over me.”

“I’m intelligent and good at what I do.”

“I am in control of my own life and I choose to steer myself towards success.”

“I am my priority, I’ll care for my mind and body to ensure good health, always.”

In order to be positive, simply change the way you think about things! Remember it is your choice. Choose to focus on gratitude for this incredibly crazy life, mindfully choose to be optimistic, and your life will unfold in the best way possible. With mindfulness, the ‘Law of Attraction’, and affirmations in your life you will be unstoppable! Let's live our beautiful lives to the fullest.

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