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My First Blog: How I Moved Abroad & How You Can Too.

Updated: Nov 14, 2020


Welcome to the launch of my blog website and first blog post! My name is Kennedy Wenz, world traveler, model, health, and lifestyle guru and I am so excited to finally meet you. I want to start by telling you why I created this blog, what you will be seeing more of in my posts, and why you will want to read on.

What you will be seeing more of in my posts?

A mixture of all things lifestyle and travel will be the main topics of my blog. From travel tips to health advice to the latest trends, this blog will cover a wide variety of audiences and topics. You will be able to find everything you need in this single space. I am here to help! I am looking forward to sharing my advice, experiences in this crazy life, and communicate with you along the way. I hope to inspire you because truthfully, you all inspire me and I am SO looking forward to bringing you a fulfilled way of living. Please feel free to share your own input in this space. Sharing is caring! Subscribe to receive updates when I post. (I promise this won’t be any spam mail.) See you on the mailing list!

Now to the beginning of this blog...


How I Moved Abroad & Tips how you can too

As a native to northern Californian with German origins, I have had a long history of constantly traveling to new, exciting places as well as moving a total of four times from Germany to California, and back. Fast forward to my second year of college at U.C.S.B. Sitting in my beachside college apartment, I was preoccupied with the idea of moving to an entirely new country and finishing university abroad. People thought I was crazy! To even think about leaving the great University of California Santa Barbara, which had provided me with a wonderful, rich American college experience. My insatiable hunger for the outside world continuously drew my attention to researching possibilities where I could fulfill the next year of my life. The thought of moving abroad and living a new life filled with endless possibilities of travel and the ability to experience new cultures was something I couldn’t pass up! So I started by research.

Constantly researching all possibilities, I came across European universities, work-study programs, jobs, Aupair positions, and internships, then researching which European cities were the best fit. For me, I craved a diverse culture, rich history, balanced philosophy of living surrounding wellness, as well as the English language. Having previous experience from visiting Amsterdam and Rotterdam, which I loved, I knew that Holland was the place. Having completed 2 years of university in California I wanted to continue my education at a Dutch University. After finding the right one, situated in a small, accessible student city, I instantly began my application process to an entirely new program. After four long months of awaited approval, I was accepted and my final things were packed!

While moving abroad is a dream come true, the transition can be tough and unfamiliar. From sorting out my residency papers to negotiating rent and setting up a bank account, nothing is simple. It can also be extremely intimidating and lonely at times. I first came here on my own. While exciting it was a cold turkey immersion from my comforting Californian surroundings. New people, new city, new home, a new language, at first it was difficult but the more you allow yourself to fully embody the culture and get involved, then you truly can make any place feel like a new home.

After 7 months of living in Holland, I realized I could not have made a better decision for my life. I am traveling to places I’ve only been to in my dreams, meeting incredible people, making lasting, real connections, opportunities, and figuring out how my life's path is unfolding. Sometimes it takes a spontaneously bold decision to change the course of your life for the better. As a famous quote from the Roman poet Virgil says: “fortune favors the bold”. Will you choose to be bold?

How I moved abroad and How can you move too!

1. Research. Research. YouTube.

It all started by researching. First things first determining what you intend on doing in your country of residence can help you find which European cities and nations are the best fit. With a total of 44 nations on the European continent, with distinctive cultures, languages, and traditions; some you will find suit you better than others. Once you have chosen the lucky winner, immerse yourself, by reading travel and guide books to get a “feel” and YouTube is a great platform for watching 'Day in the Life videos' great for imaging yourself there. You need to ask yourself which best matches your situation and goals?

2. Preparations! Education, Occupation, Involvement.

Once you've chosen your lucky city preparations regarding your flights, job, schooling, savings plan, living costs, and visa fees come into play. For practical information, contact the embassies of countries for information regarding visas which you must apply for 6 months before departing. Lining up work, language classes, and a short term lease are essential steps in embarking on your journey. Short term leases can often be found in Facebook groups concerning that region as well as websites such as housing anywhere or Airbnb. A great head start in the language department is by downloading Duolingo, a super fun free way to practice on the go, daily, and learn any language. Depending on your intended length of stay short-term jobs such as contract jobs, English teaching positions, along with Au pair, study programs, and internships are all possibilities. The key is to give yourself time to prepare and line up a few backup plans in case one ceases to work out the way you planned.

3. The move! Cheap flights, Minimalism, Attitude

Next, all you need to do is prepare to board the plane. Using websites such as Cheap O air, Kayak, Expedia and others can help you compare and find the most affordable way to get there. Flights tend to surge in certain seasons as well so researching the most inexpensive time and day to fly is an essential step. For shorter distance flights check out discount airline carriers like Ryan Air and Laudamotion. You may also find yourself as I did, struggling to fit my life into a couple of suitcases. While vacuum pack bags do save lives, moving really makes you reconsider what holds value and worth in your life, and what is just an extra materialistic thing. Downsizing is an essential step in packing as well as becoming a minimalist in life, which makes your life easier when living and traveling abroad. After moving to Holland I realized how much the consumerist need for these tons of clothes, products, and gadgets is unnecessary. Happiness solely depends on yourself, something I’ve come to realize even more after living here. All you really need to successfully move and live abroad is a plan, one positive, bold mindset, and yourself! Anything can be made possible by doing it.


Are you thinking of moving abroad? Don’t know where to start? Need more information? Feel free to shoot me an email below with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have about living abroad. Have some advice of your own? Leave a comment below! To help ensure all of us lead extraordinary lives.

Thanks for visiting And see you in my next post!



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I am thinking about moving to Sweden (I work for IKEA US). Any tips?


WOW!!! What a great post! Such incredible and helpful information and so insightful and comprehensive! You made it sound so easy and put it all out there so others can follow!!! Enjoy your adventure! And thanks for giving others a step up to experience such a great opportunity!!!


So proud of you! I love it. Storm the earth and discover every corner!

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