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Top Fun Things to Do at Home

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Tired of scrolling through Tik Tok and the latest COVID-19 news update? Well me too. I hope this post finds you and your loved ones healthy and doing the best you can to take care of yourselves under such difficult circumstances. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have been on lockdown since March 17th. While online school or work may be keeping many of you busy, it is important to take breaks and have safe practices to relieve the cabin fever of quarantine. In this post, I’ve included unique ways to pass the time of quarantine to emerge a better human than you were before.

Create Something: Painting Wine Bottles, Recipes, Poetry

What is the better time to draw in your journal, or paint that canvas that's been blankly staring you down than right now? A recent unique craft I was inspired to do is paint empty wine bottles with swirls and shapes. Line them in your window to reflect the colors of light, or stick a flower in it and you have a gorgeous vase.

Creativity can come and be satisfied in many ways and forms: create poetry, try a new recipe, crop that old sweatshirt, paint decorations for your room, create birthday cards for future use, or create a new workout routine. We often forget how lucky we are to have this time to be creative, explore different mediums, and try new things.

Remember to schedule some time away from your phone and do something good for your soul. Here is one of my favorite recipe blogs and youtube channels, Pick Up Limes. I will be trying out her new oatmeal pancakes today!

Learn a new Skill

If you've been putting off that online class or wanting to learn a new skill now is the time to do it! Education is one thing that can never be taken away from you. Masterclass and Coursera offer GREAT free and paid courses where you can actually get certified. From creative writing to acting, to a ballet class, you can learn it all! Duolingo is also another GREAT way to learn a new language and is available as an app on your phone.

Online Socializing and Outdoor Socializing

Aside from Houseparty and Facetime, Zoom is all you need to know as the most recent trend of staying connected while #socialdistancing. Organizing a standing weekly Zoom meeting with all your friends can ensure you stay social and up to date. Playing games such as Charades, Pictionary, and Party Games are also extremely fun to play on Zoom and stay connected.

You Can Still Get Outside!

While it is key that we all need to do our part in #flattening the curve by staying at home and social distancing, it is also just as key to keep your physical and emotional health up to par. I recommend getting in at least 2 walks daily. Need a little face to face social time? It is still possible to safely practice social distancing by walking, playing tennis, or biking with a friend 6 feet apart. Social distancing picnics are also a lot of fun! My favorite tip is walking early in the morning with a buddy and a mug of hot coffee. Kick-off your day with sunshine and a heartwarming conversation.

Whether you are biking, walking, listening to a podcast, or running. Exercise and sun exposure eases mild depression, improves sleep quality, and overall improves brain functioning and much more. Other ideas of activities include: soccer, having a dance party, home workouts, yoga, dog walking, and playing corn hole. My favorite fitness bloggers such as Sami Clarke and Pamela Reif have created multiple 20 minute home workouts that are my go-to.

Self-Care: Meditation, Cooking, Journaling, Face Masks

In these strange uncertain times, it is important to find your center and listen to your body's intuitive wisdom for your physical and emotional needs. Self-care is often something we forget to include in our busy daily life. Take this time to set your goals for the future and rethink your life. I enjoy journaling to center my mind, set goals, and evaluate feelings. Take this time to develop new practices that will benefit you in the future. Clean your closet, take a bubble bath, make a juice, meditate, listen to a podcast, do a face mask, cook for yourself, indulge in your self’s wonderful company.

Need More Ideas?

  • Indoor picnic (Only possible with a charcuterie Board and Wine.)

  • Themed Movie Nights (Ex: Christmas movie night!)

  • Build a Fort

  • Take a Remote Online Job (Online Teacher, Transcriptionist, Freelance Content Creator: Check out who may be hiring on websites such as

  • Rearrange Furniture

  • Word Searches, Puzzles (Read your local newspaper!)

  • Planting New Plants (In old light bulbs to hang or the Earth!)

  • Backyard BBQ

  • Photoshoot

  • Spa Night

  • Game Night: Board Games, Party Games, Charades, Pictionary (can be played on Zoom!)

  • Make Jewelry or Key chains (Get a head start on birthday gifts!)

May we all stay healthy and let us beat CoronaVirus together! Let's live our beautiful lives to their fullest. Share this article with someone for an inspirational boost. Don’t forget to hit subscribe and I’ll see you in my next post!



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